Every rock music fan in Holland knows the annual Pinkpop festival, which since 1970 takes place during the Pentecost weekend, making it the world’s longest existing live music event.

Due to this record Pinkpop obtained the official Guiness World Records status. 

Attracting 10,000 visitors in 1970, today this three-day festival draws around 60,000 music fans. Some of the main bands having performed at the last three Pinkpop festivals included: Metallica (2008), Foo Fighters (2008), Racoon (2008), Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band (2009), Placebo (2009), Snow Patrol (2009), Rammstein (2010), Green Day (2010), The Prodigy (2010), Coldplay (2011), Kings Of Leon (2011) and Kaiser Chiefs (2011).

For every edition, Thanx.nl proudly presents the newest Pinkpop festival t-shirts with the one and only official prints, which have become the most wanted souvenirs with visitors of the event. This long-established Dutch textile printing and merchandising company designed unique Pinkpop shirts for babies as well.

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Those having visited the music festival in 2011 and for some reason weren’t able to purchase this edition’s cool baby Pinkpop shirt still have the option to order this unique item online through Thanx.nl Mail Order! The price for this funky baby t-shirt is just €10.00! However, they shouldn’t wait too long, as the company only has a limited amount in stock.

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Most trendy parents probably have seen those witty baby and toddler t-shirts containing catchy one-liners already. Some of these baby fun shirts offered by several reputed online providers are humorous and precious clothing gifts. While browsing the internet looking for unique baby wear with creative designs and bright colours is always enjoyable, there’s something about buying baby shirts with witty slogans that is even more fun.

Funky toddler clothing with catchy logos and slogans draw other’s attention. Each time someone glances at your baby’s fun t-shirt, you’ll often see a smile appearing on that person’s face. Seeing other people laughing when reading the witty slogan on your little one’s shirt will make your day much more pleasurable.

During the time that baby fun t-shirts were first introduced, the available collections were rather limited. The most common witty toddler shirts that time had imprinted sayings such as “Daddy’s Little Girl”, “Cutie”, “Mommy’s Little Boy” and “Grandpa’s Biggest Fan”.

Today, funny baby shirts have become extremely popular with modern parents and the available collections are comprehensive with numerous designs to choose from. The imprinted slogans have become much more inventive and creative as well. Some of the one-liners you might come across when searching for these special sorts of baby t-shirts online feature slogans including: “Not Made inChina”, “C’mon Baby Let’s Rock and Roll”, “Born to be Wild” and the very popular “Red Hot Chili Pampers – Boy or Girl, they are all Full of Shit”.

 The Legendary Thanx.nl “Red Hot Chili Pampers” Baby Shirt

The past years humorous slogans have gotten plenty of positive attention and there’re many of these baby fun shirts that will stay trendy for decades. Those not having kids can order fun slogan baby wear online as a unique gift. Since babies grow up rapidly, there are funny shirts for boys and girls with similar slogans available as well.

There’re children’s fun shirts with prints such as, “Have a Good Time all the Time”, “Talk Nerdy to Me” and “Free Hugs”. Should you’ve become interested ordering a unique witty t-shirt, make sure the online shop offers high quality wear while their customer service should be reliable and professional. Selling baby fun shirts as well as witty t-shirt wear for adults online for nearly 10 years, Thanx.nl Mail Order has an extensive collection of funky fun shirts available at very reasonable online rates.       

In addition, this Dutch textile printing company can be found at all of the popular Dutch music festivals selling the newest fun wear onsite. Thanx.nl is also supplier and designer of the original Pinkpop Festival t-shirt prints. Some other cool clothing items they offer include: The London Police art shirts, official War Child t-shirts, plus size wear and Mondo Leone designer shirts.

Have you ever experienced the gloomy feeling due to modern western life’s daily pressure? Or do the many responsibilities and huge workloads perhaps often give you a nasty hangover? Maybe having a very busy schedule makes it almost impossible to enjoy the pleasurable things of life. With the modern world’s vagaries of today, a large number of people do not take some valuable free time to relax and enjoy some special moments of their life.

People shouldn’t forget that every new day is a precious gift. Getting fun out of daily life is essential to feel good and wearing cool fun t-shirts would surely help achieving this state of mind. Don’t worry be happy!

Most likely you know that fun shirts are special casual clothes having witty figures, catchy one- liners or humorous and creative logos imprinted on them. Regarding these prints there are no limits for hilarious expressions.

For example, those appreciating street art have the option to order designer shirts with arty prints created by The London Police. Influential politicians are an inspiration and very popular topic for creative fun t-shirt designers as well. Or perhaps you prefer fun t shirt wear portraying life as a big satirical comedy.

No matter what style of fun shirt you might choose, you can be sure having the greatest means possible in order to express yourself. Particularly in Europe andNorth Americacitizens are protected by ‘freedom of opinion’ and therefore wearing any kind of funny shirt no matter how controversial, won’t be a problem. Obviously, you should realise that the essential goal of wearing such unique witty t-shirts is having some good old fun and not to insult others.

There are numerous huge online suppliers offering casual t-shirts. However, most of them have similar collections offering much of the same. You should look for well-established online shops, which are specialised in designing and printing fun t-shirts for adults as well as children. Thanx.nl Mail Order is one of the best companies offering quality fun shirts at very affordable online prices.

Thanx.nl offers a number of regularly updated casual fun wear collections including quality clothing such as funny baby t-shirts, fun at work clothing, witty slogan shirts as well as a selection of funky Thanx t shirts designed by their own staff members.     

Nobody wants to receive a witty shirt that fades after having washed it for a few times! Nor does anybody want their newly bought fun shirt on the first day of wearing it to get torn on. In addition, ensure yourself that online t-shirt store guarantees quality and reliable customer services.

Thanx.nl Mail Order also designs and prints funny quality shirts.

The T-Shirt shown above is just one of the many creative fun t shirts designed by Thanx.nl

Several of the most legendary rock shirts for babies and toddlers were designed by Thanx.nl, which is the leading Dutch online supplier of baby rock shirts.  

These humorous baby shirts have become more and more popular with modern parents.

The cool baby rock shirt collection offered by Thanx.nl Mail Order is frequently updated with new and creative  fun logos and slogans.

Babies dressed with Thanx.nl rock shirts will certainly be the coolest in the neighbourhood!

Such unique and witty baby rock t-shirts will also be much appreciated gifts suiting any joyful occasion or celebration.

Baby wear selected and designed by Thanx.nl are made from the finest quality of textiles, while the prices are very affordable!

Go in style to the next Rock Festival and let your little one wear a cool rock shirt!!

The baby rock and roll shirts below can be easily and safely ordered online via Thanx.nl…..


Thanx.nl baby shirts have unique designs and are made from the finest textiles.

Babies wearing these funny shirts will make people smile!

Baby fun shirts come in 86 and 92 sizes, and 11 beautiful colours.

Thanx.nl Mail Order is a long-established Dutch company, which selects, designs and prints unique baby fun wear for over 17 years.

For more than 10 year Thanx.nl offers witty baby clothing online at the most lucrative prices.

Fun slogans on toddler shirts are available in both English and Dutch language.

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